Chapter #1: First Flush


            In this chapter, Doodie has his assignment; go to Earth and gather information to determine if it poses any threat to his home world, Uranus. Doodie, the pride of Uranus, crash lands on earth and uses it as a cover to infiltrate the forest. He immediately encounters a woodpecker that he attempts to intimidate with tough talk. The woodpecker pecks at Doodie and his chute causing him to plummet from the tree branch to the ground below.  


And that is just the beginning...

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Chapter 2: I See Red People


            Doodie opens his eyes to see a colony of ants before him. He falls back asleep and dreams he is a Samurai warrior and the ants are ninjas. He defeats his foes in his dream. Once Doodie awakens, he is confronted by the ants and tries to shoo them off. The ants attack and overwhelm Doodie to a point where he rams himself into a tree to try and get rid of them. He climbs a tree thinking if he leaps off he could finally get rid of the attacking ants. Once up on the tree he changes his mind tries to turn back when a squirrel leaps at him causing Doodie to fall from the tree anyway........

Chapter 3: Ay Chihuahua!


            Doodie must try to cross the road but the speeding vehicles make it difficult. Meanwhile, the little boy who lives in the house is playing Frogger simultaneously as Doodie is crossing the road. Doodie makes a leap for it and crashes into bushes. He recovers and realizes there is a house, a place of refuge. He slowly creeps towards the home and decides he must get inside and avoid any further contact with Earth’s wild life......

Chapter 4: Gotcha!


            Back on Uranus, Doodie’s father is concerned he has not heard from his son, so he beckons General Go-T to his chambers. Go-T, against his better judgement, must send a team to return Doodie home.


            Meanwhile, Doodie is doing all he can to evade the humans in the house while avoiding the Chihuahua Herman, who is aware that Doodie is in the home. Doodie comes across a tie and holster, which he believes is a disguise.


            The sweepers have begun their ground search for Doodie and realize they must round up all witnesses for investigation.

Chapter 5: Who Me?


            Bobby is influenced by the constant broadcasting of alien sightings and puts on a disguise to scare his dad. Because of Bobby’s continuous jokes, when he tells his dad that there’s an alien in his toilet, his father does not believe him. Bobby attempts to prove his finding by scooping up all the toilet water and showing it to his dad while he has his poker buddies over. The water spills over all his guests starting a chain of sarcasm and wisecracks at work.


            Meanwhile, several of the forest animals are rounded up for questioning. All in a black room with spotlights on them.

Hi, I'm Doodie From Uranus Issue #1

Doodie, back on his home world is the bud of jokes, although he does not realize it. He somehow is suckered into taking on another High level mission to Earth. This time, his goal is to infiltrate the compound of Earth's leader "Santa Clause" and take him out. Oh Boy.....


Hi, I'm Doodie From Uranus Issue #2

After Doodie infiltrates Santa's camp and is getting close to taking the Jolly old man down, he is presented with all sorts of challenges as the elves and snow men will do everything to stop the threat of Doodarious AKA Doodie. This one is going to be epic....  


There's an Alien in my Toilet (Collected Edition)


Within our universe there is a race of aliens on a quest to conquer Earth. Before they unleash their arsenal on the unsuspecting populous, the Government of Uranus has decided to send their best Warrior to earth to determine if we pose a threat. This lone warrior is the most advanced and highly skilled in his class. What he is ready to explode onto the world will prove to be most devastating...or not? Well, at least that is the story he wants us to believe. And believe me...he has stories. He meaning...Doodie from Uranus.

Intellectual Property Owner - Samuel Vera

If this Alien seems familiar, it’s because he is the spiritual brother of Wile E. Coyote. - Ray Tate Silver Bullet Comics

THERE'S AN ALIEN IN MY TOILET is a wonderful kids property from Crazee Comics. It's fun, it's cute, and it's a book I can read to my own 5-year-old.

Aint it Cool News


You'll love this fish-out-of-water alien comic

Ryan McLelland -Newsarama

It's fun all ages entertainment, while having the requisite bite to keep adults coming back for more.

Heroic Times

There's an Alien in My Toilet feels like a step in the right direction for Samuel Vera  -

Kurt Amacker 


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