The fact that one man is capable of accomplishing so much within 24hrs is astounding. Samuel Vera is not only the Founder of Crazee Comics, he is also the creator of all of the titles it produced. As is that were not enough, Vera is also the Founder and Host of Catch Da Craze Podcast, representing independent creators in comics, arts, music, publishing and more since 2007.

Why stop there? Samuel is a writer, artist, producer, host, and speaker who has established a credible reputation in the independent circuit. Samuel is best known for his Critically Acclaimed comic book "There's an Alien in my Toilet", once represented by Hollywood management company Circle of Confusion and almost secured a cartoon with kids WB. Other works of Samuel include comic titles "Cosmic Wars, Herman, Hi, I'm Doodie from Uranus, and the highly anticipated Fantasy series "Forbidden" slated to debut in fall 2020. 

Samuel also creates children books with titles like "The

Adventures of Cosmic Gorf", Doodies Adventures, Scary Aerie,

Mandie Pandie, The Oogoolie Boogoolies, to name a few.

For young teens Samuel is writing a novel entitled "Arrghh!",

slated for a winter 2020 release. 

Back in the early 1990's Samuel was in a rap group called Poetry n

Motion and later release a solo EP entitled "Unclesam". This gave

same exposure to another world and the education needed when

negotiating contracts, performing in front of large crowds, and

brand awareness. These learnings stuck as Samuel transitioned into the world of comic books.

Born in Brooklyn, NY and one of four children raised by their mother Maria. Most of his life was in Queens, NY where the community was  so diverse and rich in culture and multi ethnic influences allowing Samuel to learn from and appreciate all kids of food, music, fashion and people. 

Samuel grew up during Saturday morning cartoons and weekend Kung-Fu flicks. When outdoors, he and his friends would race dirt bikes, play sports, and do what young boys did and get in trouble. 

                                                      If you knew Samuel, you would say he was a visionary.                                                       Known for BIG Dreams and even bigger lectures; at                                                           least that's what his friends would say. Samuel has                                                           always been a story teller. Somehow he would start                                                           telling a story and without realizing it, you were                                                                 captivated enough to want to know the ending. This                                                         was one of the characteristics which set him apart                                                             From everyone else in the neighborhood.  


Samuel was an aspiring rap artist whose plans were changed due to circumstances in his life. Samuel has lost friends to street violence, crime, drugs and is no stranger to hardships himself. Losing his mom at the age of 19 devastated Samuel enough to leave the music business and go off on his own. Samuel being the man of the home, survived with his younger sister, her baby and brother who could not work. 

No knowing where his life would go, Samuel focused 

on work and fitness as he tried to find what his true

passion was. Samuel met his wife Desiree who 

encouraged him to persue his passion and go back

to school for graphic design. In 2003, CrazeeComics

was formed and thus the beginning of an exciting


The company disbanded and Samuel left the comic world and podcasting for several years. In 2019, Samuel would find the motivation and drive enter the game again. This time around, Samuel is more determined than ever to achieve the goals he set for himself. 


Crazee Comics is a DIV of Crazee Media Group LLC 

We create content for comics, kids books and Podcasting. We host the fastest growing independent creator podcast with over 250 episodes and guests alike. Best know for Titles like There's an Alien in my Toilet, Forbidden, Catch the Crazees and more....

Crazee Media Group LLC is the HUB for content Creator Samuel Vera with Contributions by Jorge Medina. 

Content includes Podcasts under the umbrella of Catch Da Craze Podcast. Those titles are:

  • Catch Da Craze - Creator Interviews 

  • Are You Crazee Enough - Motivational Leadership

  • Da Craze in 10 or Less - Indie News and advice

  • What's in the box - Comic Books Reviews

  • Get Your Meds - Advice and industry banter 

Comic Book and Children's book brands fall under the umbrella of Crazee Comics. Brands include:

  • Catch the Crazees © - Pop Culture Comedy

  • There's an Alien in my Toilet © - SciFi Comedy

  • Forbidden© - Epic Fantasy

  • CosmicWars© - Scifi Fantasy 

  • Hi I'm Doodie from Uranus© - Scifi Comedy

  • Herman© - Animal Comedy

Children's Book Brands include:

  • Mandie Pandie© 

  • Scary Aerie©

  • Arrghh!©

  • The Adventures of Cosmic Gorf©

  • Doodies Adventures©

All brands are available for licensing and Publishing. Please direct interest to our contact page.

Sam & Jorge are available for speaking engagements, book signings, art demonstrations and more. 

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