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My Stories


Thank you for browsing my online studio. Here you will find completed works I have either written and illustrated or just written, although not illustrated but created and own. My works range from Kids, to humor, Fantasy and Sci-Fi. All of my properties are available for licensing. See contact for information on how to connect with me. 

Scary Aerie

Writer - Samuel Vera        Illustrations/Colors - Big Cat Studios

It is said that a little girl named Aerie was really a Witch and had made several kids disappear many years ago. Well now Desi and Carla inquire about the rumor and after passing the home where Aerie lived, Desi' mom, Verniers sits the girls down and tells of the story which shocked the community. Was the rumor true or false? Will Aerie come back to haunt the community again? 

AGES 5 - 12 License available for this property

Mandie Pandie in "The Curfew"

Writer - Samuel Vera         Illustrations - Hector Rodriguez     Colors- Big Cat Studios

Edits - Adele Brito

Little Mandie Pandie decides to disregard her curfew and sneak into the living room to watch television. The scary movie on the TV was too much for Mandie Pandie and she finds her imagination takes her and her friends (Bunny and Bear) into a haunted castle. Can Mandie OPandie and her friends escape the clutches of the scary monsters? Does Maddie learn a lesson from her experience? 

Ages 4 - 12 License Available for this property

The Adventures of Cosmic Gorf

Writer / Creator - Samuel Vera.       Illustrations - Maciek Empro.   Edits - Adele Brito  

Gorf, a young and aspiring student of the Royal Academy has convinced the young princes Reyna to skip school and go on a daring adventure to the planet Neptune. They get on a civilian bus and sneak away when it stops to refuel. They encounter a tag along by the name of Doodie who is more trouble than he's worth. The trio is confronted by Nebuloid's who take them captive and plan to eat them. How will they escape the dinner table? 

Ages 5 - 12 License Available for this property

Oogoolie Boogoolies

Writer / Creator - Samuel Vera                  Illustrations - David Quiles

Remember when you were young and you were told about ghosts and goblins and all of those things that go bump in the night? Well, they were all true and this little boyfriends himself living through it. From Monsters beneath the bed to the creature in the closet, all of the ghouls and goblins come out this one time and haunts the little boy Will he ever sleep without the lights on again?

Ages 5 - 12 License  Available for this property

ARRGHH! An Original Horror Story
Writer / Creator - Samuel Vera                  Illustrations - Samuel Vera

This is a story of a couple. Not just any couple, but the ideal couple. Daniel Dagney is a successful architect and Dana Dagney is a wealthy socialite, who inherited a vast fortune from her family. The Dagney's reside and are raising their two children, Daisy and Daniel Jr in the small but wealthy town of Weston Massachusetts. They decided to have a baby. 

"Arrghh" is the name of the child. His name was given to him after the nurse asked Dana to name the child and Dana screamed in HORROR when she saw the baby that came out of her. The Dagney's hid their child from the world by keeping hm in a private room in their attic. 

Ages 10 - 16 License  Available for this property

DOODIE'S ADVENTURES - The Diabolical Egomaniac Overlord Nemesis Pooh-Pooh
Writer / Artist / Creator - Samuel Vera                 

Every day, young Doodarius must deal with a school bully. He decides the only way to stop this Diabolical Egomaniac Overlord Nemesis Pooh-Pooh, is to call on Super Doodie. But wait, is he really a super hero? 

Ages 15- 12  License  Available for this property