Catch The Crazees Issue #1
Creator / Writer  - Samuel Vera     Writer / Letterer - Jorge Medina    Interior Art: J.C. Grande

When two podcasters make a deal to make their podcast the number one podcast in the world, they summon the help of something supernatural and quickly learn the truth to the old adage: be careful what you wish for, lest it come true. 

Catch the Crazees is a fun action-adventure comic book mini series. It is filled with comedy, heart, a message of persistence and people getting bopped over the head with...microphones? 


The story is loosely based on our experiences in the indipendent comic book and podcasting worlds with a magical twist. The idea that we all wish we could call out to the universe and give us instant success is something we would all love to be able to do, and in this tale of mischief, we actually do it.


In the process, however, we also introduce a group of characters we lovingly call, “the Crazees!” 

While this group may look harmless, dont let appearances full you! Sam and Jorge will soon find out how dangerous getting exactly what you want is, so be very very careful!  You may just end up with the daunting task to Catch the Crazees!


Forbidden Issue #1 Now Available Here in PDF

Forbidden™ Graphic Novel Coming SUMMER 2021 

There's an Alien in my Toilet - First Flush
Artist / Creator - Samuel Vera        Cover/Lettering/Colors - Jorge Medina

In this chapter, Doodie has his assignment; go to Earth and gather information to determine if it poses any threat to his home world, Uranus. Doodie, the pride of Uranus, crash lands on earth and uses it as a cover to infiltrate the forest. He immediately encounters a woodpecker that he attempts to intimidate with tough talk. The woodpecker pecks at Doodie and his chute causing him to plummet from the tree branch to the ground below. 


Doodie becomes enraged and directs a verbal lashing at the direction of the woodpecker when a wolf tackles him. Doodie creates a diversion by tossing a stick into the bushes and makes a run for it. After losing the pack of wolves, Doodie attempts to rest by a tree when a cobra slowly approaches. Unable to identify the approaching threat, Doodie ignores the serpent when he finds himself in an instant chokehold. Trying to escape the grip of the snake, Doodie runs for it while still in the snake’s grasp and unknowingly, runs right off of a cliff. 


            Doodie plunges into a lake and immediately realizes there is an approaching threat in the depths of the dark water. He panics and starts to swim for the surface almost losing his breath. After breaching the surface, Doodie is enraged to find he has been trying to flee from a turtle. He forces the turtle to sail him to shore and demands the turtle take watch while he sleeps. Doodie wakes to the same pack of wolves drinking water from the lake. He dashes towards a cave where he decides to sleep off his exhaustion. 


            Our hero wakes and finds he is sleeping on the belly of a bear and after trying to engage the bear in conversation is knocked clear across the cave by the bear. Doodie tries to flee and tumbles down the side of a hilltop. 

FORBIDDEN - Graphic Novel
Writer / Creator - Samuel Vera     Artists - Anibal Arroyo / Pramit Santra / Erick Efata Letters - Jorge Medina    

Deep within the earth’s core, lye’s a race that has existed for thousands of years. A race, whom are forbidden to walk the surface of the earth, due to a curse cast upon them. This race, known as the NOCTURNALS must never leave their confines for (as per the curse) or they will perish.


            The Nocturnal’s are Human, although have been around since the age of Dinosaur’s. They were born as Hunters. And were consistently at war with a race of savages known as the creepers. The Nocturnals were nomadic and observed the earth as their land. They would roam freely and live off the land. A hunting group (made up of four hunters) was searching for their next meal when they came across a forest, which had trees with no leaves. The forest was engulfed in darkness while the day was still new. The Hunters were curious and decided to enter.


            The moment they entered, evil made its presence felt. They began seeing images and hearing voices. The Hunters tried turning back but were confused and could not find a way out of the forest. Suddenly, they were attacked by a group of twelve Creepers’. They fought valiantly although three of the Hunters were slaughtered. One, barely escaped with his life, ran furiously until he was miles clear of the Black Forest. 


            The Hunter told the events to the elders and immediately the people took to arms. Preparing for the worst they sent out three of their best scouts to summon all of the remaining hunters that had left at sunrise.  


            The night fell upon the earth and the Nocturnals became weary. Then suddenly, a figure appeared in the distance. A cloaked messenger with a scroll. The scroll was left at the foot of one of the Hunters. The scroll read; Give us the Hunter who has fled and violated our sacred land and no harm will come to your people.  If you refuse, you will suffer the wrath of Nocron.


            The Nocturnals refused and by morning a hunter came running into one of the elders huts shouting HELP ME. Instantly, the hunter’s body began bursting out in boils and soars. The elder ran out of the hut only to suffer the same fate. The sun was somehow destroying the hunter’s. They tried running towards the caverns but only fifty made it. They were a proud people of 10,000. 


            The Nocturnal’s traveled far into the caverns and as deep within the earth as possible. They were never to be seen again. 

Cover for Greyscale.jpg
COSMIC WARS - The Arthenian Star
Writer /Artist / Creator - Samuel Vera        

Imagine a Universe filled with many life forms and legendary worlds with sinister histories. Worlds where magic and science collide, changing the pattern of evolution. Imagine a dangerous legion brought on by the deadly ambitions of a ruthless tyrant, whose demise could not kill the legacy of Evil. A Universe where an army of rogue's lay impatiently for the downfall of the latest ruler of "The Dark Throne". 


Imagine a lone planet holding onto the dream of a free galaxy, championed by a warrior breed 

for war. This lone figure holds the key to rallying the unity of a galaxy... Now imagine.. a fallen 

hero with darkness descending upon the cosmos.... These are the ingredients which make up a ....


Writer /Artist / Creator - Samuel Vera                  Letters / Colors - Jorge Medina      

Hi, I'm Doodie from Uranus begins with the return of Doodie to planet Earth. In this new adventure, Doodie has to infiltrate Santa's camp in the North Pole, because intelligence tells him that Santa is the leader of Earth and the elves are his army.

Doodie must stop Santa's plans to launch an attack on his home; Uranus. Intelligence never prepared him for the wild ride he is about to experience. 

Ages 5 + License Available for this property

HERMAN - Coming to America
Writer /Artist / Creator - Samuel Vera                  

From the pages of the Critically Acclaimed series "There's an Alien in my Toilet" comes the breakout character who many say stole the show. In the first issue we learn how Herman the Chihuahua arrives in America.

Born in Mexico in a breeding compound, Herman is separated from his family and taken to America against his will. He is moved from place to place but no one would adopt him, because he is not pleasing to the eye.

Herman vows that one day he will find his family again. The two who took him; Rocco and Snake own "Can Catch'em Kennel" and end up in a series of mishaps during their trip to America.

Ages 12 + License Available for this property


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