"They might have a winner on their hands." – Cinescape.com



          Centuries have gone by since the curse and the Nocturnal’s have developed both physically and mentally. The Nocturnal’s ruled by Lord Voxe and the Royal family are protected by the Royal Guard. In this chapter, we begin with a tense discussion between Lord Voxe and one of his two son’s Startikus (AKA SINN). Startikus is free willed and hot tempered. He does not understand why they have to remain underground when the curse was hundreds of years ago. .....

Intellectual Property Owner - Samuel Vera

"Fans of Fantasy and independent comics can rejoice. Forbidden #0 sets the stage for a promising series." – Brokenfrontier.com

"Forbidden is An Epic Masterpiece that is a MUST READ!" – Paul Dale Roberts JazmaOnline.com



        Within a high rise in Los Angeles, inside a lavish office on the top floor of a corporation. A large well dressed figure stands looking out his panoramic window at the city. His name is David Hunter, a billionaire who has made his fortune through the most unconventional methods. His most loyal servant approaches David Hunter. His name is Donavon Limbo (AKA SOUL SEEKER).  Limbo has felt a disturbance and realizes one has left the caverns. Alarmed he rushed over to David’s office to inform him but David is not surprised. He has waited for this moment for centuries. 


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