WOW! Grass root works! Thank you all who backed Forbidden and took a chance on an amazing story. With all of the amazing campaigns out there your support is encouraging and so appreciated.

All backers BOLO for updates and surveys to come. For the backers that qualify for the commission sketch cards, ($15 level backers and up) you will receive an email asking for your character request.

We unlocked the additional 4 pages so now its time to color those bad boys. We are on schedule to get the physical books out on time.

Thank You to Daphne Lage Sebastian Bonet Cristian S. Aluas John Kotsis and HE Ro for their wonderful renditions of my Forbidden characters. Each will be featured in the book.

Thank You all the amazing communities on Facebook who provide a platform to promote your work as an indie.

Thank You to my boys Jonathan Syphax Jorge Medina Anibal Tocayo Arroyo for rocking out with me through this 30 day process and for the decades long friendship.

Now I have to get started on commissions and get those additional pages colored. Again, thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I value your support and hope you stick around for the long hall.

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