Get your hands on what critics are raving about in There's an Alien in my Toilet collected edition by creator Samuel Vera 

Black and White

175 pages including bonus frist edition of Hi, I'm Doodie from Uranus.




“If this Alien seems familiar, it’s because he is the spiritual brother of Wile E. Coyote.” - Ray Tate Silver Bullet Comics


“There’s an Alien in my Toilet feels like a step in the right direction.” - Kurt Amacker Cinescape


“There’s an Alien in my Toilet was one of the product highlights on the floor.” – License Magazine


“There’s an Alien in my Toilet is pretty much straight up screwball comedy.” – Kert McAfee Broken


“There’s an Alien in my Toilet is a multifarious romp into some fun, adventure and hilarious misfortune! I absolutely love it!” – Paul Dale Roberts


“You’ll love this fish out of water Alien comics.” – Ryan McLelland


“A nice lighthearted read.” – Indy Comic


“Absolutely hysterical.” – KDKA radio


“I simply love Herman.” – New Jersey Journal


“It’s fun for all ages entertainment, while having the requisite bite to keep adults coming back for more.” – Heroic Times


“Go it. Read it. Loved it.” – Circle of Confusion


“This is great. I Love it!” – Karen Evora Wizard Magazine


This book is meant to be fun and for kids – accomplishing both with ease. My son LOVES the book and constistantly asks me to read it to him which is great. It gets him not only into the art but interested in reading as well. I’m very glad the powers-that-be at Crazee have put together this great TPB” - Ryan Mclelland Aint it

There's an Alien in my Toilet Vol #1 B&W 175 Pages